2022 Coach Contact List

Updated May 16, 2022

The updated 2022 Coaches Contact List is available at the "Coaches" tab under Related Links. Please review the information for completeness and accuracy and if any changes need to be made now or in the future please email the League Administrator.

NYSWYSA Buffalo District Commissioner

New Commissioner Elected

The new Buffalo District Commissioner for our State Association, the New York State West Youth Soccer Association, is Dave Kreger. 

From the NYSWYSA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 3 the Responsibilities of District Commissioners are as follows:

All District Commissioners shall be responsible to:

  • Regularly attend all BOD meetings and state functions of the Corporation.
  • Promote the game of soccer and the NYSWYSA within their districts.
  • Communicate BOD business to their district members.
  • Communicate member business to BOD.
  • As requested by the State Office, assist in assuring compliance with all state rules and regulations within their districts..
  • Represent the Corporation at Travel League/Premier League meetings in the District.
  • Market and promote the Corporation to recreational clubs within the District.
  • Assist the State Office in the promotion of the Recreational Soccer/Soccer Start/TOPSoccer programs and others within the District

If you are having any issues regarding Risk Management Clearance, RosterPro issues or other matters you may be able to get asistance from the District Commissioner. He can be reached at dkreger@nyswysa.org or 716-713-3240.

2022 Game Reschedules

For the 2022 Season teams may request to reschedule one game. The request must be made by 11:59pm May 25, 2022 and is subject to the normal approvals of the opposing teams coach, the availability of a field and the availability of a referee crew.  Additional information will be provided at the League Meeting on April 25, 2022.

2022 Roster Freeze Notice

For the 2022 Season rosters for all age groups will be frozen at 11:59pm on May 25, 2022. Additional information will be provided at the League Meeting on April 25, 2022.

League Information Meeting via Zoom


The next League Information Meeting will take place on April 25, 2022 at 7:30PM.

In response to the results of a survey of the membership the next meeting will take place via Zoom.  Credentials for the meeting, an agenda and attachments will be sent via email to Travel Coordinators shortly. The Board will review Policies and Procedures that have been adjusted since the end of the 2021 season. Other questions will be entertained and the Board will endeavor to provide a response either immediately or a short time thereafter.

Every club needs to have a representative on the call who will be responsible to share the information within their club.

Please make plans to attend this meeting.

Announcement Regarding the Odenbach Tournament

The Board of Directors is regretfully suspending indefinitely the sponsorship and operation of the Odenbach Tournament.


After not being able to hold the event the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board had every intention to bring the tournament back for 2022. However, after months of unsuccessfully trying to identify a suitable and affordable venue that would meet the needs of the event, there is no alternative but to take this action.


As the tournament is operated by a small group of volunteer Board members and is formatted to be a very inexpensive and short event, a compact and economical venue that is located centrally for our member clubs is a must. As so few of these venues exist in Western New York the options are limited.  Unfortunately our previous venue has added restrictions and requirements which no longer allow the League to operate this type of a tournament as has been the tradition of the Odenbach Tournament.


We encourage our member clubs to patronize a local tournament sponsored by one of our member clubs. We also encourage your team or club to organize small interclub friendly matches among three or four teams which can be held in one day and that can serve to promote interclub relations and goodwill.


Again, we regret having to take this action and appreciate your understanding.

Updated List of Travel Coordinators

Under "Clubs" Tab

An updated listing of Member Club Travel Coordinators has been posted under the Clubs Tab

REMINDER-ZERO Tolerance Policy

Coaches are reminded to reveiw with their staffs, players and parents the New York State West Youth Soccer Association's Zero Tolerance Policy with respect to behavior towards game referees. The Buffalo & Western New York Junor Soccer League supports this policy and will participate completely in its application.


2022 Team Naming Convention Reminder

August 5, 2020

An announcement was made at the Annual General Meeting on September 30, 2019 that the League would be adopting a standard naming convention for all teams for the 2020 Play Season and beyond. The convention is as follows:

Club Name, Club Nickname, Birth Year, Gender, Descriptor

For example, if your club is based in the Town of Xanadu and is know as the Xanadu Volcanos, the U13 Boys team would be named as follows:

Xanadu (Club Name), Volcanos (Club Nickname), 2008 (Birth Year), B (Gender-Boys), Lava Rocks (Descriptor)

                                                     Xanadu Volcanos 2008B Lava Rocks

If you have already entered your teams in RosterPro with NYSWYSA and they do not match this format, please go back in an modify the team names. Thank you for your cooperation!

New Referees Needed and Wanted!

Please go to the "Referee" tab for important news on becoming a Referee!

2022 Roster Sizes

Important Changes to Roster Sizes Approved by NYSWYSA

The Board of Directors petitioned the New York State West Youth Soccer Association to consider a modification to the USYSA Player Development Intitiatives with respect to roster sizes. The League's request was granted and for the 2022 Play Year the following limits will be in effect:


U8-U10           Team Roster 16           Game Day Roster 13

U11-U12         Team Roster 18           Game Day Roster 16

U13-U19         Team Roster 22           Game Day Roster 18

The B&WNYJSL Board of Directors hopes that the increased team roster sizes at U8 through U12 will give clubs the flexibility they need in properly forming competitive teams with an eye to future needs. If you have any questions please contact League administration.

Important Information

2022 Season Update

Continued Changes for 2022

Welcome to the new website for the Buffalo and Western New York Junior Soccer League!

This website is still a work in progress and will continue to be built-up over the course of the 2022 season. Each week additional information and links will be added. Formatting of certain information is still being worked on and your patience with the "look" of some items is appreciated.


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